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  • What does Nightingale mean?
    What does Nightingale mean?

    «Nightingale» is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s literary tale and Opera created by Igor Stravinsky and Stephan Mitusov in 1914.

    The story follows the friendship between the Chinese Emperor and a nightingale with a magnificent singing voice.
    Even though the Emperor is hypnotized by the bird's magical abilities, a gift of an artificial nightingale adorned with precious gems is able to replace the real bird, leading to its banishment from court.
    As Death comes to claim the life of the old Emperor, the real nightingale returns to court to sing for him. Death is so charmed by its extraordinary singing abilities that he spares the life of the dying man.

    The Opera conveys the message that true talent and beauty lie within one's character and abilities, not just their appearance.